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Covent Garden Penthouse

Shelton Street Duplex Penthouse

Location: Covent Garden  ·  Duration: 56 weeks  ·  Size: 5800 sq.ft

Higginsongrey orchestrated a comprehensive refurbishment for a duplex penthouse apartment nestled in the vibrant heart of Covent Garden. This grand undertaking involved a complete internal refurbishment and strategic reconfiguration to elevate the living space. Structural enhancements, including the transformation of the flat roof, coupled with the creation of a new 7th-floor entertainment terrace, were seamlessly integrated to enhance both form and function.

The pinnacle of this project lies in the bespoke finishes meticulously sourced from around the world, adding an exquisite touch of individuality to every aspect of the penthouse. From opulent materials to unique detailing, each element reflects a commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship. Notably, hand-painted murals grace the walls and ceilings, providing bespoke artistic expressions that further enrich the ambiance.

Moreover, the integration of a sophisticated Building Management System (BMS) empowers seamless control of the entire property. From adjusting lighting atmospheres to regulating climate settings, the BMS ensures a harmonious and intelligent living environment — all at your fingertips through the users phone. This marriage of bespoke design, artistic expression, and cutting-edge technology defines this Covent Garden penthouse as a testament to refined living.

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